New Exhibit at LOOK beginning on March 14- April 8


New Exhibit March 14-April 8

Featuring the inspired pairing of painter James Sparks and sculptor Augustine Della Veccia.


The works of James Sparks are grounded in the acute observation of natural forms on the periphery of traditional landscape imagery. The complexity and multiplicity of decaying leaves, splintered tree trunks, and enveloping vines constitute an alien world full of endless aesthetic possibilities transformed into a colorful painterly reality.


“As a painter,” says Sparks, “It is important that my work allows others to share and celebrate in this enigmatic scenery, and to appreciate the beauty and diversity of forms that continually compete for our attention.”


Augustine Della Vecchia’s sculptures consist of turned-wood pieces that sublimely erase the boundaries between utility and art. Some of the works are functional, others abstract, but in all of them he has preserved the shape and the one-of-a-kind character of the burls, grains and defects, resulting in an appearance of having been preserved from some ancient time.


"My goal is to push the traditional boundaries of woodturning beyond the making of vessels to the creation of sculpture," Della Vecchia says. "The turning on the lathe that was formerly the final process is now the starting point. This allows me the freedom to become more intimately involved with each piece as it is hand carved to fruition."


Please plan to join us and meet the artists at the Opening Reception on Saturday March 17 from 6-8pm.



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